> Focus Imaging, Delhi
> Orbit Imaging Centre, Delhi
> Sidarth X-RAY, New Delhi
> Doon CT Scan, Dehradoon
> Dr. Ahuja's Dehradoon
> Jeevan Jyoti Hospital, Allahabad
> Kanpur Scans, Kanpur
> Sampurna Diagnostics, Rajasthan
> Madhumita Diagnostics, Panipat
> Khanna CT Scan, Khanna
> Omega Diagnostics, Bathinda
> Aman Scans, Mohali
> JSS Hospital, Mysore, Karnataka
> Mediserv Diagnostics, Kallicut
> Mandi CT Scan, Mandi, Himachal
> GMR Institute of Imaging, Dehli
> Delhi MRI Centre, Delhi
> Sri-Ram USG & CT Scan, Siwan
> ERA Medical College, Lucknow
> Charak Hospital, Lucknow
> Pacfic Promotors, Lucknow



"Saksham Solutions" has come-up with one stop imaging solution for all small, medium & large size hospitals/diagnostic centers consisting  of PACS, Tele-Radiology, DICOM Conversion & HIS/RIS/DICOM integration solutions to achieve a cost-effective, more accurate  & an alternative solution over traditional film-based image processing systems.

>>>Analog to DICOM Conversion:

SAKSHAM Solution is offering an Analog to DICOM conversion workstation software to convert all non-DICOM & Analog Imaging modalities into DICOM.
The SAKSHAM Analog to DICOM conversion application receives video signal from modality & acquires still & motion video images then converts into DICOM 3.0 format, a latest medical imaging standard.

>>>DICOM Printing:

A customised DICOM printing tool to print Diagnostics images onto a Film offers various printing options to produce quality results on all available Wet/Dry Laser, Thermal printers and Windows ® as well with easily users configurable options.

>>>Point to Point, Tele-Radiology Solutions

Tele-Radiology Option is available with any of SAKSHAM DICOM product. With the Tele-Radiology option SAKSHAM workstation software is capable of sending and receiving patient data, images via DICOM transfer as well as via EMAIL. The Tele-Radiology network can be established over high-speed internet connections & VPN Networks for seamless operation.

>>>PACSView: WEB based Teleradiology & PACS Server Solutions

It is developed under cutting edge web technologies Microsoft .NET plateform, 3 Tier Web application. The PACSView server has capabilities of handling any size of patient's data in order to sort term , long term storage & image distribution purpose.

>>>DCMS: Diagnostics Facility Managment Tool

It is developed under client-server based technologies to give a powerful GUI operation under a full Networking Environment.
DCMS runs over Microsoft WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX & Apple's MAC Operating system plateform.